Size Chart

Our clothes fit mostly TTS or true to size. In other words, a 3X is 20/22, 2x 18/20, 1x 14/16, and so on. Our clothing runs from small to 5X and occasionally includes petite options.

Read the Description

Be sure to read the description of each item in case we tell you that a particular item should be sized up or down. For example, we may tell you to size down on a 3X. So, a 3X in that instance would fit like a 4X. If we tell you to Size up and you are a 1X, you'll want to grab a 2X. 

Our Models

We also have models that regularly wear our clothes. Understanding how they fit on the model really helps to see how it might fit you. In our LIVE videos, each Tuesday and Thursday, we go over new arrivals and talk about the fit, the stretch, and design.


This is Amanda. She typically wears a 3X (20/22) and is 5'11". A 3X typically is longer in a dress than a 1X. As you can see, most of our maxi dresses are fairly long. So, if you're not as tall, a Midi or Mid Calf dress may be a good idea. Hemming is also an option.

Watch our videos for additional fitting information as we go through each new release item.


This is Lindsay. She is 5'5" and typically wears a 1X (14/16) in our clothing. 

Overall, paying attention to the fit of these models should help you determine how our clothes will fit you. That being said, there will (of course) be the occasional item that may not work for you. Please read our return policy

Nervous? Don't Be.

We know some of you are nervous about ordering online. So, we want you to know we're 100% willing to work with you to figure out your sizing. Once you get the feel, it gets a lot easier!

Other Models

We regularly have friends, family, and Modest Molly customers take pictures with us. It breaks up the monotony a bit. So, if you want a particular item that has a different model, be sure to watch our videos for more information.

Questions? Contact Us

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at