Modest Molly

Summer Time Tie Dye Scrunchies


These tie dye Scrunchies are the perfect way to celebrate summertime!! They are a soft material and come in a variety of color options. Please note that due to the nature of tie dye, the scrunchy you receive may not look exactly like the scrunchy in the picture. 

Blue and Yellow: this scrunchy will have a lot of yellow tones to it. The secondary color will be blue, which means there also be some green. Some may even have a hint of pink.

 Pink and Blue: this scrunchy will primarily be pink. The secondary color is blue.

Multi-color: this scrunchy will have a variety of colors, including pinks, blues, yellows, purples, and greens. The scrunchy may have all the colors or only a few. 

Pastel Tie Dye: this scrunchy will be primarily tones of blue or sea foam green. The secondary color will be a soft pink or cream. 

Raspberry: the primary color of this scrunchy is raspberry pink. The secondary color will be blue or cream.

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