Modest Clothing Grab Bags - Size S-3X and Plus Size

Today we announced grab bags. This is something we plan on doing on occasion as a special incentive for our customers. 

There will be multiple types of grab bags in the future but, as of today, we're releasing our $55 grab bag which guarantees you one dress as well as two other items from our shop. Considering that one dress typically costs between $30 and $46, this is a fantastic deal.

That being said if you want a grab bag, you'll need to get one right away. They sell out quickly. So, when you see them, you'll want to go for it. 


Is this a one-time deal?

No. We plan on offering this on occasion when we have excess stock. 

Will I receive something that I've already purchased before?

No. We take a look at your past purchase history to make sure you won't simply get duplicates. 

Can I leave a note for what I'm looking for?

There is always an option when you checkout to leave a not for us. And we will certainly read it. However, there is no guarantee that we will take it into consideration. Because of the steep discount we're offering we won't be taking requests.

If I don't like something can I return it?

No. For grab bags, all sales are final.

What size should I purchase?

Most of our clothing is true to size. So, if you select 3x we will give you all 3x items that are true to size. There may be the occasional item, in this situation, that we may give you in a 2x if it runs a size big. 

Ultimately we want you to be happy with your purchase. So, we'll take our time to consider what you've purchased in the past and what we have on hand in order to find something we hope you'll love.