Alyson's Family Trip Packing and Organizational Tips for Lots of Kids / Big Families

Alyson shares her organizational and packing tips for her large family!

Organizational Products in the video:

1.Packing Cubes:

These make organizing all of these kids a lot easier! I was able to pack all of my four kids into one suitcase for 10 days! Depending on whether luggage is free this may be a must-have for you!

2.Hanging Toiletry Bag:

I love this bag! I keep it stocked underneath my cabinet so when I need to go on vacation I can just throw in my toothbrush and I'm ready to go! It's all in one place and I just pack it into my bag.

3. Mesh Laundry Bag:

Tired of your dirty laundry mixing in with the clean? We just throw it all in this mesh laundry bag. This is a must for all the trip dirty laundry.

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